Saturday, January 15, 2011


Arrived at KYUEM (Kolej Yayasan UEM, aka The Jail) on Tuesday and just finished a hectic week of induction.

The verdict?

If this is jail, I want a life sentence!!!

Seriously, I'm not kidding. Mainly this is because of the great batchmates here: Aina, Jabbar (whom we call Nando's but Aina calls 'girlfriend'), Shawn, Shankar, Aizat (roommates- great guys), Jayson, Alia, Kash (short for Kashiff), Sunny (it's a girl, Michaelians),Vivek, Raehan, Sha, Qistina (Qissy for short), Vivian (these people call me 'Jesus'), Char Siew (real name- Er Wei), Shuba, Loy (cool name, eh?) and loads more. Everyone's friendly, funny and nice.

The induction sessions were quite good. As is customary, there was one touchy-feely session that had most people crying. I wanted to but couldn't, so by this point, I think my tear duct's have burned out due to Ipoh's sun. I'm not joking, it's possible, happened to Mandela.

Food's ok, better than I expected, and if you get bored, just leave the Dining Hall and head to the Cafeteria. The lecturers are mostly awesome, esp. Dr. Foord (Physics), who is surely the closest person to Stephen Hawking I've met. Cool library, with awesome History books and my type of magazines. Nerd stuff, like The Economist, Time, etc!!!

The wifi sucks, partly because my chalet's kinda far from the hotspot, and because there are so many friggin people on it! So does the shower, which is freezing and smells of rust.

To sum up, great people, good sessions, good food, sucky showers and wifi. Not bad for a jail. Will post pics when I can. BTW, Happy Ponggal! (Just realized it was).

PS-If the post looks bad, it's cause I can't beautify it due to the wifi. I can't reply on the cbox either, so I'll answer here.

Mark- I dunno why she became a fan, No solicitation. Taking Maths and the 3 Sciences.
Others- Please chill, do the venting in person...

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  1. dude,you're having fun,thats good!! Btw,got a good church yet??haha

    PS:your cbox is exploding..